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Weekly Newsletter, 07/25/23 No. 1

May the Lord give you His peace!

What a grace it is to be permitted by God to serve all of you in such a beautiful place as this paradise here on the Lake. Each evening Brian and I sit out on the back porch, watch the sunset and ponder the majesty and beauty of God. I have to say, in all the places I have lived around the country, there is no sunset like the view we have from our little spot.

In order to make things a bit more simple, the weekly Newsletter "News From The Lake" will be available on this page of our brand new website. I will be emailing you the link to the website page each time I publish a new Newsletter. All you'll have to do is click on the provided link and it will bring you here. My apologies ahead of time, unlike my google email, this feature of the website creator does NOT have spellcheck! That's a nightmare for me! So, you may be given to share in my nightmares. Please don't fuss about my misspellings, nor let me know, you can't teach this old dog new tricks.


Here is the news of the week:

1. Mike S. Had the tractor up and running. He has been out and about bush hogging and and cleaning up our well overgrown fields. Much more to do...but we are extremely grateful for every blade of grass that is cut! Thanks Mike!

2. When Brian and I moved into the Friary, the ceiling in the back room that is now our library was being held up by a two-by-four. Well, the ceiling decided that it was time to start falling. The ceiling drywall was barely hanging on when I decided to call in a professional to fix it. We had a wonderful handyman named Aaron come over and finally get rid of the two-by-four and screw the drywall back up to the ceiling. Looks great now!

3. Aaron and his partner James took a good look around the property and assessed the amount of damage and the cost to fix the roofs of the pavilion, the bathhouse and other siding issues that occurred because of the high winds. I am awaiting their estimated cost of repairs. We'll make a decision as a Board as to what to do first once we have the estimate.

4. On Monday July 24th we had a wonderful evening reflecting on the Message of Fatima. We covered the second part of the July 13th Message. You can watch the conference by going over to the events page on this website.

5. Weekly we hear the wonderful sound of the hum of the tractor as John D. and Marty V. go to work mowing the lawns. The cut lawns, the green grass, and the cool breeze makes it a such a pretty place. Thank you gentlemen!

6, Ian is settling in to his new home. He is very happy here and is quite appreciative of the way that all of you have made him feel so welcome and part of the community. Thank you to all of you for your hospitality and open hearts!

7. We had to get a new washer and dryer set for House 1. Ian needed a place t do laundry and House 1 needed a washing machine and dryer. We would have put it in Ian's house, but his house was never hooked up for a washer and dryer. Just another item for future work.

8. We are still working on the insurance issue. Gene and Gigi are on it and we do hope to have it resolved very soon. Hang on...

9. The new Roses of La Salette Website is now up and running. It took me a couple of days but once I put my mind to it I got it done relatively quickly. Give it a good tour and let me know what you think and if should make any changes. You should find lots of content.

10. Our Next FATIMA REFLECTION NIGHT will be Monday, August 7h, I am trying to get back to the first Monday schedule. You can now view the upcoming dates and topics of the Fatima Reflection Nights by going to the Website and clicking on the Calendar page. Our August 7th topic will be the Last Secret of Fatima.

11. Please pray for Brian's hand doctor, Dr Benjamin Mauck who was murdered in cold blood about a week ago. A man came into his office, went to the examining room, when the doctor came in the man opened fire. He shot the doctor three times and then walked out. No motive so far. He leaves behind two children ages 6 and 2.

12. Fr James Clark, the Chancellor and Vicar General of the Diocese stopped by last week while I was away. He came by to see me and say hi. The Sisters saw him and had some cake together.

13. Last Friday Brian and I went to Germantown and I did get the opportunity to meet with Fr James Clark. We had a very nice visit. I was able to update him on how things are going here at the Lake. He was very pleased with my report. It is important that we keep the Diocese of Memphis abreast of all that we are doing here.

14. The movie SOUND OF FREEDOM will be playing at the Bolivar Movie theater starting this Thursday, July 27th. I highly recommend it! It continues to defy the odds. The movie has made cinematic history by increasing in sales as it continues to show in theaters. It seals with child sex trafficking in a very respectful and dignified way. That doesn't mean it is an easy movie to watch...bring tissues!

15. I want to again acknowledge Mike S. for taking care of the garbage around here. It is a dirty job, but Mike is so attentive to getting the garbage bags to the dumps. I just needed to say it and to say thank you!

Well...that is all for now.

Please continue to strive to become a saint, anything else isn't really worth the time.

Or, as I tell young people, Get Holy or Die Trying.

Remember to pray the Rosary everyday and to keep conscious of the intense love that ur Lady and our Lord has for you.

They love us, we have nothing to be afraid of or cause us anxiety.

Jesus I trust in you!

God Bless You and Mary Keep You!

+Fr David Mary+


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