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Weekly Newsletter, 08/12/23 No. 3

May the Lord give you His peace!

I pray that all of you are well and that you have had a good beginning to August. So many wonderful celebrations in August; Feast of Saint Clare, the Feast of Saint Maximillian Kolbe, the Assumption of the Blessed Mother, and so much more. This past August 6th was especially beautiful as I celebrated my 35th Anniversary since my first vows as a Franciscan.

Here is the news of the week:

1. Marty and John went to work last Saturday and mowed and Bush-hogged the entire property. Everything was getting a bot overgrown and needed a good cutting. Thank you gentlemen!

2. Mike S. is such a gift to us as he continues to be hear just about everyday taking care of so many things. It is hard to enumerate all that he does. There are even the little things that mean so much and make such a big difference. Thank you Mike!

3. Martyn V. came by and took care of some of the items in Ian's house. We are so appreciative of the gifts that God has given to Martyn and that Martyn puts at God's disposal. Thank you Martyn!

4. Our Fatima Reflection Night went really well. We reflected on the Third Secret of Fatima and our need to be consecrated to Mary. You can watch the whole talk on the Events Page. Just click on the Events button on the Menu and then scroll down to the Talks from the Fatima Reflection Nights. On YouTube it has already gained over 90 views!

5. We have contracted a couple of guys to come over and fix the roofs. They should be able to start the work at either the end of August or the beginning of September. 

6. On this website you can click on the Calendar button on the Menu and it will take you to all the Upcoming events. You'll see that we are busy setting up lots of events for the end of summer and the fall. Please take a peak and see what you can attend.

7. Brian and I were scheduled to go away this week, but due to the weather and the airlines threatening to cancel our flights, we decided to cancel our trip. We may take a day or two this week and visit our dad in Saint Louis.

8. The Sisters of Divine Grace held a special celebration for Fr. David Mary's 35th Anniversary of Franciscan Vows. You can watch the video on the website's Event's page. It was a wonderful celebration. Thank You Everyone!!!

9. Pat and Fr David will be hosting an evening of information regarding the Home for Women on August 28th. It will be a Social Evening that will include an Opening Rosary, a Potluck Dinner, an Update on the Progress made on the Home for Women, and some fellowship time together. We hope you all can make it.

10. Speaking of Upcoming Events, I made a huge mistake in the flyer I printed out and sent to all of you. There was a mix up about the Day of Recollection. This is NOT in October, but THE DAY OF RECOLLECTION is SEPTEMBER 23rd. Please mark your Calendars and disregard the flyer I gave you. I just reprinted a new one. I will include a link to the Calendar page in thie email announcing this bad!!

Well...that's all for this week. It has been a quiet least that's all that I remember so far.

Please feel free to join us here for Mass every Monday and Thursday at 7:45 am. I know it is very early, but you are always welcome. Also, you can catch the daily homilies by going to the Events page and clicking on the button that will send you to my YouTube page.

Have a blessed week and please remember that all of you are in our daily prayers!

Please Keep Us in Your Prayers!

Your brother in Christ Jesus,

Fr David Mary










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