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Weekly Newsletter, 09/18/23 No. 6

May the Lord give you His peace!

A Happy Feast of Saint Joseph of Cupertino to all our pilots.

Saint Joseph of Cupertino was a Franciscan who would often times go into deep meditation and be lifted off the ground in prayer. is biographers report that he spent more time in the air than on the ground. So, because of this the Church named him the Patron of Pilots. If you haven't seen the movie, please do! It's Called "The Reluctant Saint" starring Maximillian Shell and Ricardo Monteban. It is a great film about the life of Saint Joseph of Cupertino. I am certain that you will find it funny, spiritual, and truly enjoyable to watch with the whole family.

This month is filled with great celebrations like; the Feast of the Blessed Mothers Birthday (September 8th), The Holy Name of Mary (September 12th) The Triumph of the Cross (September 14th), The Sorrows of Mary (September 15th), and the Stigmata of Saint Francis (September 17th). These are just a few of the celebrations. On the day that we will be having our Day of Recollection, September 23rd, it will be the Feast of Saint Padre Pio. Our Holy Catholic Church is filled with such wonderful celebrations.

So...News from the Lake? Not too much to report, but I'll do my best;

1. On the weekend of the 9th and 10th Marty and John went to town on the lawns. They make quite the team. John came back again  on Monday and bush-hogged just about everything he could. He cleared a nice path to the top of the hill behind the Lake Houses, giving us all a place to sit and gaze at the beauty of God. If you haven't seen the property from the hill behind the Friary, you have yet to get a good view!

2. On Monday the 11th. John came by and he and I move the two extra beds out of Gene and Gigi's bedroom of their house. I had to cut out a little early, so...thank you John fr finishing the job without me.

3. On Tuesday the 12th Brian and I went to court for Cynthia Mai Loung. The court was to start at 9am. Cynthia and her lawyer came in a little after. It went fast as the judge set her preliminary hearing for October 30th. I am still trying to figure out what happened to the car that we reported stolen and if we will get back the over $9.000 that we also reported as stolen.

4. I had a window company come by and assess the windows in the Friary. I am waiting a cost estimate for replacing the doors that are letting in the cold in the winter, and the heat, snakes and salamanders in the summer. After I get the costs I'll know better where we stand with it.

5. I have been looking into going off grid with the solar. I have a company that has been working hard at giving me an estimate of feasibility, cost, and direction. Turns out that we can get anywhere between a 30% to 50% grant for going solar. Again, we'll wait for the final cost before we make a decision. But it is well worth the look.

6. I had a guy from Well Solutions come by and assess our well situation. We are using a lot of solution. We had thought it was the timer on the machine, it isn't. The problem is not with the timer,  but with a water leak somewhere in the line to the three houses. If anyone knows anything about finding leaks...we can use the help!

7. The Well Solution guy also told me that he thinks he knows where the well for the pavilion and bathhouses is. However, we will have to bush-hog the area for him to actually locate the well. If we could locate it we can probably get the pavilion and bathhouses back up and usable.

8. Our HVAC Guy came back yesterday. He and his crew will be here tomorrow to install the HVAC units in the storage-bathhouse. This will give us a temperture controlled storage unit on the property.

9. I haven't heard from my roofing guys. I was expecting them last week and they haven't been answering the phone. If anyone knows a roofing contractor, please text me their number.

10. I should be contacting Conrad, our farmer, this week in order to find our how the farming is going and when we should be expecting payment. We have a gentleman's agreement for $100 and acre. 

11. On September 11th we had a wonderful Fatima Reflection Night. You can watch the conference by clicking onto the Events Page and scrolling down to the conferences on Fatima Reflection Night. I am so happy that you are all still coming out for the night and that so many people are watching it on-line.

12. Also, don't forget that I do try to load up onto YouTube my daily homilies, so, if you want, you can catch my daily ramblings on my YouTube Channel. Just go to YouTube and type in my full name at the search bar and my channel should come up; Fr David Mary Engo.

13. We are expecting Gene and Gigi to be moving in to their house in about two weeks. We are so happy to have them here. We will have to do a little modifications to Ian's House (formally Juan's House). He doesn't have a washer and dryer and he has been using Gene and Gigi's House. So, our HVAC guy gave me a name of a fellow who can make his house capable of housing a washer and dryer.


14. Question; Does anyone know where we can pick up a small stove for house 101? We never did get a stove in that house.

15. We do need to start thinking about fixing house 103 and prepping that so that we can rent it out. Will anyone have any time soon to help me on this project? It needs plumbing, floors and painting.

16. As a reminder; I will be heading to Italy from the 27th of September until the 12th of October. Brian and Ian will be here on the property. Last I heard the Sisters will be going to the northeast at the same time that I will be away.

Well, that about sums it all up.

Just a reminder to stay close to Our Lady and to try to pray the Rosary everyday.

Next to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Rosary is the most powerful prayer that we have. Padre Pio used to call the Rosary "His Weapon". Truly, it is a great weapon against evil and a great tool for meditating on the life of Christ and Our Lady.

(Don't forget to see the reminder at the bottom of the page).

Have a Blessed Week and I hope to see you all this Saturday!

Your brother in Christ Jesus,

Fr David Mary

Roses of La Salette


A Day of Recollection


Saturday, September 23rd


please bring a bag lunch and snacks

195 Grantham Way

Middleton, TN 38052

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